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Jordan Family Law Awards


Yes, this is the bit where I shamelessly beg for your vote again.  Yes, I know you voted for me last year and I didn’t win.*


Yes, I know I promised I would cut tuition fees and ended up tripling them. Yes, I know I told you all I was opposed to privatisation and then sold off the Royal Mail to some very rich people in the City at a knock-down price. Yes, I know that I campaigned on the basis of protecting human rights and have trampled all over them, and that I introduced LASPO,  DRIP and the bedroom tax and loads of other things that, let me tell you, I am now as utterly opposed to as you are.  I know people say that I sold out all of my principles, and sold them out cheaply, that I made wild promises to be different and turned out just as bad as the rest of them.


So, you can rest assured that THIS year, it will all be different.


Here is the voting link thing.  In the interests of transparency, I should say that Lucy Reed over at Pink Tape has also been nominated (and frankly, I’d vote for her instead of me, if I didn’t have a vested interest and a space on my mantlepiece. I wouldn’t even know there was such a thing as law blogging if it hadn’t been for Lucy. She is an icon. And much like Daniel Day Lewis without a moustache in many ways).  I don’t know the other two nominees, but they sound very impressive too, and also like they might be nice people.


But if you have ever enjoyed the blog – if I’ve made you smile, or made you annoyed, or made you think ‘something must be done’, or helped you find a case that you needed, I’d be really grateful if you would vote for me.


More importantly though – if you have ever had a fraction of the enjoyment out of any of my pieces that I had writing them (okay, not the Brussels II pieces, I’ve hated every second of those), then you could do me a huge favour, and pass on a link to someone you know.   (Ideally someone who might have an interest in family law). If you get the email version, forward it on to someone – don’t pick a Brussels II case, those really aren’t a good illustration of what the site is about.



(*I did get pretty close last time round, and looking back at my guarantee to save the life of everyone who voted for me, what I can tell you is that nobody who voted for me has subsequently died, or will ever die.


That might be pitching it a bit strong. I might get sued for that.   Let’s instead say that in the last year NO CORONERS INQUEST has named me as responsible in any way for the death of anyone who voted for me.  So, vote for me.  It is the key to immortality…   or at least, there is not yet any scientific proof that it isn’t . )


I’ll put the vote thing here, in case you just skipped to the bottom to see if I was offering any cash.





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7 responses

  1. Jerry Lonsdale

    Oh dear, one is quite simply stuck between the Rock (M66 Jct 2) and the place they call Hard (Days Night hotel Liverpool) or Hard, in Austria, too many choices now, I will have to sit and ponder on this one for all of ermm say 5 Mins

    • If you are truly torn between the merits of voting for me versus voting for Lucy, this may help. She deserves it far more than me, but she’s already got one, and I haven’t.

      I can’t work out a proper Stone-Rock-Scissors interface for the comments section, to make such dilemmas easier.

      That does make me think that if there was a way of doing virtual Arm-wrestling over the internet, an awful lot of difficult arguments in comments and web forums could be resolved much easier.

      • Jerry Lonsdale

        Who’s got the largest mantle piece with the less bling would get my veto, erm I mean vote, or I suppose the easiest way is that Who ever has reached the highest levels on Candy Crush gets my vote too.

        Virtual Arm Wrestling, good concept, now I am sure there should be an app for that, but then thinking about it, on the other hand it would reduce the need for divorce lawyers 🙂

  2. stella aka toni macleod

    oi mine was a brussells II ya twat 😦 lol on that note i may consider ticking the box of one of the random people iv never heard of ha ha xx

    • I just meant that the Brussels II aspect of cases is horribly complicated and dull to write about and read. Also, after you’ve done the “Brussels II Sprouts new law” there’s nowhere else to go, joke-wise.

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