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Sampler – five serious articles

In case you are new-ish to the site, or just want to see some of the older articles, this is a selection.


Five of the serious articles


1. What should you do if social services steal your children?

Some practical suggestions about giving yourself the best chance of getting them back. It is a marmite post – as you can see from the comments. Many people hate me for writing it, but I’ve had a lot of parents who tried this route with success, and I had a lot in the days when I was representing them.


2. Can a person choose whether to be represented by the Official Solicitor?


I wrote this nearly a year and a half ago, and the issue of whether vulnerable people who can’t act for themselves in Court are really being properly looked after keeps coming up.  John Hemming MP and I don’t agree on anything, but we do share common ground on this issue.


3.  One of these nights you’re gonna get caught, it’ll give you a pregnant pause for thought


One of many cases about Port Harcourt Fertility Clinic and how involvement with them has led to disaster and misery for parents. If my blog achieves nothing else, the fact that it comes up as one of the first hits for Port Harcourt Fertility Clinic means that I might help some people who are desperate to have a child avoid being conned by this organisation


4. Semantics, pedantics and neuro-mantics


This is a consideration of the two bodies of thought in paediatric neuroscience, showing that there is a bit more to it than the simple ‘neglect breaks babies brains, m’kay?’ angle that seemed to have been informing policy




5. Social Services are asking me to agree to put my child in care and they want me to do it now


Some in case of emergency break glass advice – not a substitute for your own legal advice, but for those occasions when the request is being made out of office hours or you are being pressured to agree without getting advice. And also, good reading for social workers so that they know the proper legal basis on which voluntary foster care can be sought


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  1. Brilliant Blog. Thank you. “Social Services are asking me to put my child in care, and they want me to do it now”
    Posted on March 8, 2013 by suesspiciousminds

    But what say does the highly educated graduate Father have (in such a case) when the married parents are living apart but in daily contact — and sharing the 2 children : the Court having given “primary care and control” to the Mother who succeeds in being evicted and making herself ‘voluntarily homeless’ and simultaneously ‘losing’ her welfare payments through refusing to produce the required documentation — all the result of her unstable mental condition ?

    Both parents unemployed and on benefit : but the Father guaranteed the support (financial and accommodation) by his parents.

    • That is a tricky situation – if care proceedings are issued, the father would get free legal advice and representation to fight the case and to in effect argue that the children should be placed with him. That’s harder if care proceedings are not issued, since there won’t be free legal advice and the costs can really mount up.

  2. my daughter wants to come home from Bradford social services who when asked said to her that ive not been in contact and they don’t have any contact numbers witch is not true 4 letters from solicitor and 47 calls registerd and text messages from my phone they keep telling her that ive not tried and they are forcing her against her will to see her birth mother who she has requested not to see when I ask them why they will they agree to a face to face meeting they agree but never get back to me after agreeing I asked for help they said no that Bradford social services don’t work well cross border with Falkirk yet they have clients in perth and other northern parts of Scotland can some one advise

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