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Sampler – five daft articles

I write a load of old nonsense sometimes – here’s some of my favourites from days of yore


1.  If I had a photograph of you


Late night twitter conversation led me to realise that anyone who ever asked for a photocopy at Court has conspired to commit a criminal offence


2. With the greatest possible respect


The weasel words that us lawyers use when we are trying to distance ourself from our clients case, and why we should just stop doing it.


3. So he was all, like, Pride and she was all like, nuh-uh, prejudice


A classic opening page of literature ruined by translation


4. Scissorhands versus Scissorhands


A moving blend of Kramer versus Kramer and Tim Burton’s finest hour. Contains rich veins of nonsense, but also some genuine issues about how to get supervised contact in private law proceedings



5. What made Tracey Barlow evil?


I end up doing quite a lot of Corrie references, not sure why it crops up so often. But this is a review of a neuroscience book about what makes people violent or aggressive, and applying it to Weatherfield’s most rotten egg








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  1. Brought a smile to my day, I,ll leave you with a quote from W. Shakespeare “Good counselors lack no clients”.

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