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Has the adoption case law made any difference in your Courts?



I don’t pretend that this is scientific – given that it is on a law geek website, it is only going to get voters who actually know about Re B, Re B-S et al, whereas I know from training that I give around the country that substantial volumes of social workers have been told nothing about it.


But I thought that a poll might help to identify a broad trend. I have my own answer, but I’m sure that my answer must be coloured by my own local experience.

In voting, please vote for what you are actually seeing in your local Courts – it isn’t meant to be a vote about what you think OUGHT to be happening.  It is open to everyone, not just lawyers and social workers.  (It is probably easier for people who were dealing with these cases both now and before Sept 2013, but I’m not excluding anyone)

If you want to disseminate the poll more widely, to other colleagues, or to local solicitors or social workers or Guardians, that’s fine. The more people who respond, the more useful an indicator it might be.



[It is my first try at a poll on the blog, so bear with me if there are teething problems]