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Coughs politely, looks down at floor


Well, says Suesspicious Minds with a blush, it is very nice to find myself nominated for one of the Jordans Family Law awards, as Family Law Commentary of the year.

You can find the awards here,

and a bit of information about each of the candidates.  I was feeling a bit happier about being nominated until I saw the other people I was up against. I think it would be fair to say that I am at best a dark horse amongst some proper thoroughbreds there.

The voting is online, so I’d urge you to have a look at the candidates and have a vote if you like. You aren’t obligated to vote for me, you may well think that one of the other nominees are much more deserving of your support *.

*Although don’t vote for them, for goodness sake, I am just trying to be fair-spirited and nice, I don’t MEAN that you should vote for the others, unless they are like a godparent to your children, or once gave you the Heimlich manouvre when you were choking on a mushroom vol-au-vent.

  I am totally available to be a godparent to your child if that’s what it takes….  The Heimlich thing slightly more difficult to organise – frankly, if that’s your only reason for voting against me, I think you’re being a bit unfair, it is just sheer luck whether I happen to be in your radius at the appropriate time. Rest assured, I totally would save your life if the opportunity arose. Trust me.


Anyway, the main thing is that it is nice to be nominated, and hopefully we may see a few new people coming to the site to check it out before backing away quietly and hurriedly.

As I am being shameless this afternoon (self-promotion is a bit awkward to me, so am just diving into it  hard and then we’ll forget it ever happened), if you do read the blog and think that you know someone else who might like it, please pass a link on to them.  And feel free to post a comment up on anything that takes your fancy, there’s some lively debate here from time to time.

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Law geek, local authority care hack, fascinated by words and quirky information; deeply committed to cheesecake and beer.

7 responses

  1. Jerry Lonsdale

    Well, Well, Well,

    From that blog, I wish I was there to see you giving an acceptance speech, not quite the Oscars though, these awards are more Justified and more worthy than any BAFTA.

    Keep the the winning speech to a minimum.

    Best of Luck with it squire, the blog is more of a source for good as well a place to retreat from the humdrum of normal day life, boy this weather is roasting!

  2. Congrats! You deserve it.


    Andrew Pack! I didn’t realise it was you! What a brilliant blog and of course I will vote for you xx
    Janet bettle (from chelmsford where you were a gazillion years ago). Hope all is good.

  4. Ruth Langfors

    Congratulations on your nomination, it is well deserved.

  5. Always knew I sat in the presence of genius. Although obviously I take a large portion of credit – being my roomie and observing madness at close quarters (daily post rant) must have inspired you. Congratulations xxx

    • Is very true – I would never have become a law geek if I hadn’t had such exposure to another one in my formative years. Am thinking about those courses on mental health where Richard Jones would ask you what the answers were. Are you still in touch with Vanders?

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