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Riddle me this, Batman


Ah, the joys of insomnia. I started thinking about this idly at 4.00am, and had to get up to write it.

This is a litle mindbending puzzle, not law related.  I have a collection of words here, which I have shuffled so that they aren’t in order. The words all have something in common. Sadly I don’t have a full set (it may be impossible to complete the full set, as I haven’t been able to think of the missing ones yet)


Can you work out what they have in common, and better yet, come up with some of the missing ones?  If you want to work on this without spoilers, probably avoid reading the comments – I have some very smart readers and I’m sure some of them will get there.


In random order then


Type, Bone, Movie, Sign, Spot, Cars, Line, Cloth, Ray, Zone, Section, Pad, Chromosome, Bomb, Notice, Word


And in case that is driving you to despair, can I recommend Seanbaby’s diatribe about the pointlessness of the Riddler as a bad guy

“What’s green and purple and commits lots of crime / Whose superpower is wasting your time?”

And if you develop a taste for Seanbaby’s humour,

in which Sean decides to cook and prepare a meal, using his iron chef rules that he has to buy all of the ingredients in foreign food supermarkets and “I may only buy a food item or food-like item if it is NOT labelled in English and I have absolutely no idea what it is”


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14 responses

  1. Ray is catching me out here, is it a person or beam of light per se, I will get there after a bit more toast and coffee

  2. I think Chromosome and Spot are probably the best words to try to unlock the puzzle with…

    And there would be another TEN words out there to complete the set, following the same theme.

  3. Men and Turn could be added along with “It” now that will get you thinking why “It”

    • Brilliant on Turn – I was missing that one. Bit is a good addition too. I have also just thought of Bend, so am now just 7 short. Nearly all clustered in the middle too. (Your Men could actually appear twice, though only as a duplicate for existing words in the collection)

      Did you get it yourself, Jerry, or see Stuart Fuller nonchalently solving it straight away on Twitter?

      • It was the chromosome direction you gave that did it, although Ray did throw me because I never thought the obvious and looked for different other than the most popular,

        Neck and Axis could work, pondering on Cut

      • Add Tip as well for the more obscure ones

  4. Ashamed to be British

    I knew there was a reason why I needed twitter! Now … how to work the damn thing.
    All the words seem to relate to some sort of ‘connection’

  5. Plates? Diddy?

    Daisy Veitch

    • I think we are very close now, let’s do them in proper order

      Line, Movie, Section, Notice, Type, Word, Spot, Bomb, Pad, Cloth, [missing] Plates (well done Daisy), People, Sync, Zone, Diddy, Tip, [missing] Bend, Bone, Turn, Sign, [missing] Ray, Chromosome, Cars

      Three to go! (I like that the four in the middle are all a bit pop related)

      If you are still struggling, then having them in the right order may help you, sorry that I skirted around that before…

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