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Friday daftness – sample chronology


Date                                                                   Significant Event


June                                                                  Bryan purchases an instrument. It is understood that he paid something appproximating £3.38, certainly no more than that.


Early July 1969                                               Bryan visits GP with lacerations to his fingers.


mid July 1969                                                 Bryan becomes drawn into a group of adolescents that he had met through school.  Jimmy is certainly involved. Jody also believed to be.


At around  this time, reports come in of Bryan repeatedly standing on the porch of an unnamed girl’s mother.



4th August 1969                                      Jimmy quits the group of adolescents. Bryan spents more time on porches, and at drive-ins.


18th August 1969                                   Jody gets married. Bryan by this stage is effectively living on unnamed girl’s porch. Her mother reports that it seemed to last forever.


31st August 1969                                      Bryan confirms to professionals that these were the best days of his life.


1991                                                            For a few weeks, Bryan becomes the most hated man in the world. Then everyone remembers how much they love what happened to him that summer.


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2 responses

  1. took a while until the penny dropped or should I say a 5 and dime

  2. ashamedtobebritish

    You’re on drugs you are (as was Bryan probably, the future risk is not mentioned)

    Anyway it’s not a chronology, there are no lies in it 👀

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