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Leak of Queen’s speech on adoption plans (though not really, obvs)

Given that David Cameron has announced that he is proudly pro-adoption and wants to double the number of children adopted, but there are pesky things like Y v UK setting a test that he can’t really get around, unless we leave the EU and ECHR, which I don’t believe is his policy, the DFE have instead used their approach from Residence and Contact and rebranded Placement Orders.


In the new legislation, Placement Orders will be renamed


A) For girls to “Potential Princess Order”

B) For boys to “Having trials with Chelsea / Insert team of preference here”  (Cameron did want to go with Trials with Aston Villa, but focus groups showed parents disliked that idea even more than adoption)

C) For the difficult to place children of non Caucasion backgrounds  “Chance for Brad Pitt to be your dad Order”


The microscopically small print will explain that the Government do not guarantee that these things will happen, but given that adopters MIGHT be football coaches/talent scouts, or royalty, or film stars, there is that potential.

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  1. Jonathan Plumridge

    Thank you for making me smile. This is SUCH a worthwhile blog. Very best wishes, JP.

  2. Graeme Kenna

    Excellent and sadly all too true. The tension twixt Court and government will find another outlet

  3. Sounds like ‘social engineering’ which is unlawful and disgusting, playing ‘God’.

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  5. Jean Robinson

    A former client from a Jewish holocaust background, after a brush with social services when pregnant, remarked, “What they are practising is redistributive eugenics”. Many of our case work files would support her analysis.
    Jean Robinson
    Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

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