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This is the Water Balloon Firing Squad promo video that I did for my book. In the video, I talk about one of the main characters, Robin, but I do so under a barrage of fire from water bombs, which hopefully makes the video more engaging to watch than if it was just me standing up and talking.  For one thing, will I make it to the end, can I keep my concentration and train of thought as I get splatted ?  And for another,  it turns out that water bombs if thrown very forcefully by a grown adult from point blank range explode with some considerable impact (and no, that will NOT be the way I conduct my advocacy from now on)




What this is all in aid of is to promote and publicise my book, which if I get your support will be available to read in December.  I’m not sure that Graham Greene would have done it this way, but we live in different times now…


Hope you like the video – please share it, and please visit the Book’s website to support it.


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