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An offer for Sunday


The people publishing my book, Unbound, are doing an offer today for the Olympics.

If you go to the site and use the code Rio16  you will get a £10 pledge for free.   If  you wanted the book, but have no money, this would be your chance.  As the tenner doesn’t go to the fundraising total, what would be even better  is if you use the code to turn a £10 pledge into a £20 one.

But I know that some of my readers are on very tight budgets, so if you wanted the book but couldn’t afford it, this is your chance. Today only, though.


The fund-raising is going really well. I reached the half-way point of the campaign (45 days of 90) yesterday, and we are at 78%.  Every single Pledge now helps get us over the line, and makes the book happen.  Thank you so much for everyone who HAS pledged, it’s an incredibly kind and thoughtful thing to do and is massively appreciated. If you’ve been meaning to do it but haven’t got around to it yet , let this be a tender, loving, nudge in the ribs   (much like an old married couple where one of them is hoping for breakfast in bed)

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  1. I have pledged….because I want to read your book, but mainly to say Thank You for your blog which has saved me so much time researching up to the minute case law for work the last three years. Plus your commentarys are written in such a witty and humurous manner I enjoy reading them…as reading the whole of recorded cases…..can be so draining..and sometmes painful .You make the Practise of Law a lot less painful!😀Thankyou.

    • Oh thank you very much – I sometimes have to remember case law by the joke I used or photo image, then I can remember it and find it by a quick search. Much like Sherlock and his memory palace, but much much dafter. That was a really lovely comment, thank you so much!

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  3. Good luck with the book and forgive me please for adding a comment on the previous debate about “nothing else will do”.as there seems no space in that one to add anything.
    I want to suggest quite simply that it is barbaric and should be illegal to deprive any loving parent of all contact with their child if they have not been convicted of harming it.
    All adoptions should be open as the ultimate cruelty for both parent and child would seem to me to be the permanent separation from, and loss of all contact with parents and siblings.
    How can it be civilised to prevent a law abiding mother from ever knowing whether the child she loves is dead or alive?

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