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Hop off the bus Gus, don’t need to discuss much



A not law post.

One of the first songs I can remember singing a lot (by which I mean relentlessly), when I was about six, was Paul Simon’s Fifty Ways to Leave your lover.  It is a bouncy, happy, funny song, taking as its core subject how simple it is to completely destroy the life of a loved one by walking out on them without a word, providing you do it in a way that rhymes with your name.  (Helpful hint – try to find a partner with a name that doesn’t rhyme with much – Rupert, Julian, George are all starts)

This song, triumphing both desertion and adultery, is really a helpful guidance when setting out the facts that lead to grounds for divorce – I would argue that ending a relationship by Dropping off a key, does not make it reasonable behaviour simply because your name is Lee, so we can get a third fact in there too.

What a peculiar song for a six year old to be singing, even against the backdrop of a father who had taken Paul Simon’s tenets as Buddha-like codes to live by.  I realise now that the song being on the Muppets had a lot to do with its popularity amongst children at the time.  Its a very curious juxtaposition of children’s favourite characters, a happy upbeat song, and a subject of human misery being treated lightly.

So, no need to be Coy, Roy, just give them the link