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Eagle-eyed Action Plan – now with kung-fu grip


The Family Justice Board have published their Action Plan for implementing the proposals of the Family Justice Review. It is a scorching, searing rollercoaster (TM)  of an Action Plan, blending as it does dizzying arrays of key performance indicators, tiresome management-speak, gobbledegook and claims that things have already been ‘actioned’ that come as a complete shock to those who are working in the field and have seen no such things being even contemplated, never mind “actioned”.


As a summary of it (and for God’s sake, don’t read the whole thing, it is deathly dull – and I say that as a lawyer, and thus someone who has a pretty high tolerance for dull stuff, I had to read land law and stuff about trusts to pass exams, and one might scathingly add, my idea of fun is to write law blogs)   you can’t do better than John Bolch’s article on Family Lore.



That’s really it in a nutshell, but if you’re the sort of busy high-pressure, multi-tasking, Type A personality sort  (you know, the ones who the idea of a cereal bar sounds like a good way to combine eating breakfast with walking or travelling so as to not waste five minutes eating some Coco Pops),  who laughs in the face of nutshells and wants something altogether shorter, here goes :-



They will still be having meetings about “stuff” all the way through 2014 and won’t really be doing anything until 2015  (and the “stuff” they are finally getting round to  doing in 2015 all sounds to be PR and focus-group nonsense)

this may be the most 'shocked' action man i have ever seen


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4 responses

  1. Thanks for the plug, although I think your first paragraph summaries it far better!

  2. … or even ‘summarises’!

  3. Action Plans are not written in English, although most of the words are English.

    They are written in Bollocks. You can think of the MoJ website and its progeny, Satan’s spawn as it is, as a sort of course in Teach Yourself Bollocks.

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