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The Great British Blog Off


As you may know, Lucy Reed from and I are both nominated for an award in the Jordans Family Law Award  (or what literally nobody in the legal world is calling “The Jordies”


You can vote for either of us, and voting ends on Midnight Monday.


Vote here


You don’t have to be a lawyer to vote, you can be a real person too.


Now, I know that I was wrong to take Lucy’s post on Baked Alaska out of the fridge before it was ready, and I’ve apologised for that.

I can assure you that a vote for either myself or Lucy WILL ensure that we keep the pound, that Strictly Come Dancing will continue to be available on BBC, that all of the revenues Lucy and I get from North Sea Oil will remain in the blogging community and that neither Lucy nor I will have access to Trident missiles.


Did I mention that you could vote here   ?

If you have been meaning to vote, then get round to it please. You don’t want Lucy or I to have access to Trident missiles, do you?

If you have already voted, then thank you. And also, if you fake your own death and get a new identity before Monday, you could vote again, so… y’know, don’t ignore that route.

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