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A big thank you to lots of people


The Family Law Awards were on Wednesday night (I was too tired and emotional yesterday to post anything). I would like to give a big thank you to every person who voted for me.  If you are on Twitter, you already know that the votes were not wasted (though I was).  But not everyone is on Twitter, so I wanted to let you all know that it was a successful night and that I am very grateful for your vote and support; but even more importantly for the time you give to read and think about the pieces and your comments – even to my most argumentative readers, debate and thought and time is really valuable.


And huge thanks to my team, who also picked up an award, and who are not only great people to work with, but great people to celebrate with too.  And to my long-suffering wife, who has to put up with my weird random ideas and my occasional ramble of “There’s this amazing case I’ve just read about, you really won’t believe what happened”.  And to Martin and Mary and David Bingham for sharing the evening with us, and I can’t forget to thank Adam Smith for being a very cool guy indeed.


Finally massive big up to Harj Kaur, my great friend and supporter who wasn’t able to be there with us, but was in spirit.


{I apologise to anyone who hunts the Net looking for Humblebrags, this really isn’t meant to be one. I am just actually very pleased to have had an experience in family law that was nothing other than enjoyable and want to thank people who made that happen.}


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14 responses

  1. Ashamedtobebritish

    sounds like a good night was had by all

    Congrats on the award

  2. Congratulations – I knew my vote wasn’t a wasted vote 😉

    Does fame and fortune now beckon?

  3. Congratulations – I knew my vote wasn’t a wasted vote 😉

    Do fame and fortune now beckon?

  4. bikingbarrister

    Congratulations! Richly deserved.

  5. Well done, Andrew… keep humble and as ever odd.

  6. Sabina Bowler-Reed

    Congratulations!!! and thank you so very much for all your informative and witty and helpful blogs Sabina Bowler-Reed (Sole Practitioner in Bristol)

  7. Wednesday night wins award who knows where next, unstoppable now, now your man with award does that mean one has to bow now being in the presence of greatness, well, when I can get round to your neck of the woods that is!, any way well done Sir, all we need now is bestest MKF in the world awards! *hint hint*

    • Ashamedtobebritish

      Oooh dunno if I’d vote for you Jerry 😉 but then again I might, you’re a good bloke

  8. It’s nice to see the great work you do recognised – keep it up.
    Well done, Andrew!

  9. Well done. I wish I had found this blog earlier, perhaps now your “famous” more people will.

  10. stella aka toni macleod

    well done i can personally say which holds higher esteem than most can ever understand your the only LA barrister that i dont dream about throwing daggers at lmao ! your honest down to earth and actually interested in doing a better job which is why you deserved the win your interested in justice not having the greater power than others

    like every one has said ya humble but more importantly your human which is more than most of the sess pit legal eagles can say ! 😉 xx

  11. Well done to you Andrew and to all the team. It’s richly deserved. Those of us in children’s services in Brighton know how great you all are. Now the world knows! ☺

  12. Well Done Andrew. Richly deserved. Thank you for all your hard work bringing the interesting and the bizarre!

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