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The Bundle-oh

A lawyer took a walk through a deep dark wood
A fox saw the lawyer and the lawyer looked good

Where are you going, tired little dude?
Come to my den, and I’ll have some food

It’s terribly kind of you, fox, but no
I’m going to Court with this Bundle-Oh

A Bundle-Oh? What’s a Bundle-Oh?

A Bundle-Oh? Why didn’t you know?
He has terrible jaws and a terrible spine
And if I don’t carry him, I will get fined

His dimensions are wrong, he won’t fit on the shelf
And if he flies at you, well its bad for your health

If he pins you down there’s no hope of escape
You can’t truss him up with a bit of pink tape

His innards are massive, to count them would take ages
Listing what he’d eaten would take pages and pages

So while carrying him is quite bad for my back
It’s better than facing a front on attack

And fox, if you thought, you’d best him in a scrap
Beware, because the Bundle-Oh is foolscap

Away the fox sped

Silly old fox, didn’t you know?
You can’t HAVE a foolscap Bundle-oh

Beware the Bundle-oh my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch

Beware the Bundle-oh my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch

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Law geek, local authority care hack, fascinated by words and quirky information; deeply committed to cheesecake and beer.

One response

  1. Foolscap?? you’re showing your age, mon vieux..

    Although, pertinent to the P’s cordial observations on the size of lever arch files, the following from Wiki gives food for thought in relation to using A4 paper in a foolscap file:

    “The slightly larger size of such a binder [i.e. foolscap size] offers greater protection to the edges of the pages [i.e. A4] it contains.

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