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Easiest legal exam ever


Following the passing of the Aleister Crowley Act 1899, worked by strange and curious Magicks,  law exams became ludicrously easy, which is partially what led to him being dubbed the wickedest man in the world.  Every other piece of statute, regulation, common law, bye law and royal prerogative fell by the wayside, to be replaced in totality by Crowley’s pithy new legislation.

If only our beloved Lord Chancellor had been around at the time, he might have acquired his law degree.


Sadly, the passing of the Aleister Crowley Act 1899 led to the complete collapse of the criminal justice system, and distinct difficulties in maintaining individual safety, property and inheritance rights and public order.

As Crowley’s fellow dabbler in the occult later recalled “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold/ Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world/ the blood dimmed tide is loosed”  and a major restructure of legislation was called for. Crowley’s Act was repealed, the old legislation given a dusty kiss of life and these days, barely anyone knows that there was ever an interregnum period when the sole piece of legislation in England was Crowley’s Act.

These days, you will not find a copy of the Act in any place, not in the British museum, or in any volume of Halsbury’s Statutes.  As the Court of Criminal Appeal observed in Rex v Haddock 1924*, speaking about Mr Justice Mumble, whose judgments they had read with dilligence and something approaching to nausea “it were better that a millstone should be hanged round his neck and he be cast into the uttermost depths of the sea”  – which is precisely what happened with all extant copies of Crowley’s Act (and indeed the very limited amount of case law precedent making use of it)



Here is the 1901 law degree exam in full


Question 1.  Is ‘do what thou wilt’  ?


(a) None of the law

(b) The Whole of the law

(c) A part of the law


[By the way, if anyone ever tells you that ‘possession is nine-tenths of the law’, be aware that writing ‘possession’ for every answer is very unlikely to give you a 90% mark in the exam]


*If you are not presently familiar with Rex v Haddock, then I have a treat for you. A proper writer on the subject of law, A P Herbert.

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  1. I had forgotten this vital contribution to our fine legal traditions; thank you so much for reminding me. I had been trying to make some sense of my right to light, and I shall now dismiss that till tomorrow, and instead immerse myself in more gems from the master’s pen…

  2. Are you a Thelemite then? I’m curious as to what your inspiration for this piece was. Graeme

    • To be honest, it was as simple as being on a bus travelling to a meeting, Crowley popped into my mind and I thought, “Gosh, wouldn’t the law be simple if Crowley had had his way and Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” – I usually get about twenty or so thoughts of this nature a day. Some of them grow and some of them wither on the vine.

  3. You’ve only half remembered. It most certainly is not “do what thou wilt”. It is: “An it harm none, do what thou wilt”.

    • Interesting. All the quotes I found were just “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” – that addition puts a very different spin on it, taking it from anarchy and selfishness and into more of a succinct expression of the Golden Rule. I’d vote for your version, as a liberal (with a small L)

      • Paul Summerfield

        Maybe on the outer circle of the Freemason they would say “an it harm none”, but the nearer you enter the inner, things begin to change, meanings of symbols change as you learn the secrets. And so an it harm none is taken away to just Do as thou Wilt. I see freemasonry as a school of perversion the deeper you get into it. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but all these child abuse scandal’s make no sense in police cover ups unless the freemasons are involved in this.

  4. Paul Summerfield

    Well I think you’re moving into the inner world of freemasonry here as Crowley was a freemason!

    But I didn’t not know that the Government voted in the Aleister Crowley Act 1899!!!!

    You know with pedophiles within the government and police cover ups, I scratch my head and begin to wonder…….

    Cyril Smith was of no real importance as he was never expected to become a minister of any importance.

    But the police did cover up for years Smith pedophile activities with children.

    Could the answer be Cyril Smith was a freemason as well as an MP and it was the freemasons who protected the pervert?

  5. Paul Summerfield

    Crowley is rated I think as 121st most popular figure of the 20th Century.

    What the heck going on here………….

    He is so powerful that he can get an act in Parliament to overwrite all law WHAT………

    Then when he makes a total mess of the WHOLE ENTIRE LEGAL SYSTEM and then the WHOLE HISTORY of this is then COVERED UP



    He was accused of advocating human sacrifice, largely because of a passage in Book 4 in which he stated that “A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory victim”.

    This stuff is sick no wonder we have a huge problem in this country from the very top down to the very bottom Jimmy Sa-vile

  6. Paul Summerfield

    What I actually really want to know sir is where is the fact that it happened regarding” Alistair Crowley Act and a Judge Mumby (is this the great granddad of the present Judge Mumby?) ordering paper on the act to be placed at the bottom of the sea ?

    Because you sir I think you have hit upon something rather nasty as this law is still being used by some in secret:

    In 2001 while serving time for perjury at London’s Belmarsh Prison, MP and novelist Jeffrey Archer met another prison “Fletch” 38, who had murdered one of his pedophile tormenters.
    Fletch describes how his so-called guardians sexually abused him.

    He couldn’t complain to authorities – they were all in on it.

    “X controlled me for about six months, bringing to the flat judges, schoolmasters, police officers, politicians and other upstanding citizens who are the back-bone of our country (I can tell you of birthmarks, wounds and peculiarities for almost every one of these men).”

    “Fletch” from Jeffrey Archer, A Prison Diary, pp 230-235

    One night in the West End when I was still thirteen, I was arrested by the police while X was trying to sell me to a customer. I was collected from the nick by a social worker, who took me to a children’s home in- B. The home was run by a magistrate, Y. For the next fourteen days, [he] buggered me night and day before issuing a court order that I should be returned to [my original children’s home], where it was back to caning and systematic abuse.

  7. Paul Summerfield

    Hmmmmm…….. The law of Thelema is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.

    Hmmmm Is that the Love then for what they wilt to children.

  8. Paul Summerfield

    Its Easter Sunday morning.

    Its seems you have got a good ripping yarn to tell of how the Aleister Crowley Act 1899 “ Do as thou Wilt” ever got into Parliament?

    Was Parliament on Mescaline at the time to all agree to such an Act like this?

    Another writer who wrote some good cracking tales of black magic was Dennis Wheatley “Devil Rides Out” now he swore that this stuff did go on, but I always thought, no can’t be the police would find out about it and everybody would be arrested!

    Come on I really really want to know how Aleister Crowley Act came before Parliament and why the clowns in Parliament voted it in.

  9. Paul Summerfield

    I don’t know what sort of idea you had on the bus going home that gave you the inspiration to write this piece.

    Because you used Aleister Crowley a freemason and the Abominable law “Do as thou wilt” so as to justify a man being prosecuted for jumping into a river or are you trying to say that the whole system is corrupt?

    If I Iook into my mind’s eye “I see a room and scrawled on the wall are the words written in blood “Do as thou wilt” and people and children are being tortured and murdered in that room for the sake of that law written on that wall.

  10. Paul Summerfield

    Says it all really “Do what thou wilt” People in high places like for fun screwing children is covered up by the authorities.
    But the people that do things for fun that harm no one are prosecuted for polluting the water.

    The citizens of London must realize that there is almost nothing they are allowed to do. Prima facie all actions are illegal, if not by Act of Parliament, by Order in Council; and if not by Order in Council, by Departmental or Police Regulations, or By-laws. They may not eat where they like, drink where they like, walk where they like, drive where they like, sing where they like, or sleep where they like. And least of all may they do unusual actions ‘for fun’. People must not do things for fun. We are not here for fun. There is no reference to fun in any Act of Parliament. If anything is said in this Court to encourage a belief that Englishmen are entitled to jump off bridges for their own amusement the next thing to go will be the Constitution. For these reasons, therefore, I have come to the conclusion that this appeal must fail. It is not for me to say what offence the appellant has committed, but I am satisfied that he has committed some offence, for which he has been most properly punished.

    Mudd, J., said that in his opinion the appellant had polluted a water-course under the Public Health Act, 1875.

    • Rex v Haddock is also a fictional case, not a real one. A P Herbert was a satirist (although his pieces on say divorce had very serious ideas behind them and actually helped bring about the reform of very repressive laws on divorce)

      Rex v Haddock is fairly illustrative of the excessive zeal we have in this country to make more and more laws to restrict almost everything that people do – whereas Crowley’s idea was more to have one simple law that everyone would know and could follow.

  11. Paul Summerfield

    What reform was that to improve the family courts to take away rights to parents to make them into nothing but money fodder for the solicitors, untrained court welfare officer untrained cafcass officer, no cafcass training manual so as no complaint against cafcass can ever be upheld, no agreed recommended contact times for a parent to see his children. Yeah see what you mean that a great improvement. Crowley is a sicko a perversity surly any sane person can see that.

  12. Paul Summerfield


  13. Paul Summerfield

    We seem to exist in a bizarre twilight zone where anyone with any connection to power can apparently do what they like to children and expect to suffer only the infamy of the grave. As long as you are not fussed about your reputation when deceased and you are connected you do not even have to be discreet. Once you die it will all emerge of course and your name and reputation will be destroyed but other than that there is no penalty.
    While it has become clear again and again that the unthinkable has actually been rather routine, that these unbelievably evil crimes have been happening for decades and yet when confronted with a genuine contemporary cover up, the entire “official” British media have literally not a word to say.

  14. Paul Summerfield

    Think of this like we are all children playing in a school playground. Children laughing, children skipping, children shouting, children playing kiss chase, children singing “Ring a ring a roses” oh what fun.

    There in the centre of the playground is the duty teacher supervising the children and there he is now telling the bully boys off for picking on the smaller children, all is well in our little playground.


    But some of us children know at the far end of the playground where the sun just won’t shine, just past the weeping willow are the steps that lead down to the small yard and in that yard teachers are abusing children, sticking things into them, harming them and making them cry, some children even say they are being murdered or snuff movies.

    The brave children that have ventured past the weeping willow and spied on them dark teachers and by seeing the black goings on at the bottom of the yard, have ran back to the duty teacher standing in the middle of the playground screaming at him telling him what is going on. “There, there” teacher replies “That place is not for children like you, go and play with the other children and not another word you hear, not another word”.

  15. Paul Summerfield


    Day after day
    They send the children away
    To mansions cold and grey
    To the far side of town
    Where the thin man stalks the streets
    While the sane stay underground

  16. Paul Summerfield

    Everything is being covered-up here is a police interview to a child victim of Alistair Crowley type Satanic Abuse

    [I have allowed THIS one in, but I really do not want videos of children posted on this site, please don’t do that again.]

  17. Paul Summerfield

    You should never have opened a page like this writing about sicko Alistair Crowley, but I think you did this on purpose, because of the Hampstead case.

    The Judge of the case calls anybody writing about this either Evil or Stupid that is from a court case where the evidence of the mother and father has not been heard, for that reason I am not taking any notice and I will continuing to write about it as I am neither evil or stupid.

    What strikes me about the police interview with the boy is that when it begins the boy wants to explain something that is very important to him which is that his mother does not eat meat and he and his father does. His father allows him to go to parties which his mother would never allow, what he is trying to say that mum & dad are total opposites from each other .

    That boy is very intelligent and he understands that he has been living in two worlds, Good & Evil, his mother is Good and his father is Evil and the only thing that has kept him sane and holds him together as a sane child from all of this is his mother and the way she has brought him and his sister up.

    The boy claims that at the parties they are made to eat baby meat. Now of course the parties may of happened and I think they did, but maybe the thing about eating meat Dad made up told a little porky pie. But let’s say the boy’s father is telling the truth and we all go along the nasty Alistair Crowley, Jimmy Savile route where would they get this meat from?

    This may be the answer from data that has been released today.

    Every year around 340 four year olds go missing from the children’s homes…..

    The strange thing about the figures is although that has been a sharp increase in numbers of children entering children homes, the figure of the homes losing children has remained a constant (roughly one four year old is lost every day of the year.

    Food for thought isn’t it?

  18. Paul Summerfield

    But in the Hampstead satanic case there are of course two sides to this story so let flip the coin and hear the other side…..

    I can put it all in one or lines………..

    The above case is rather like Vicky Haigh PAS case but far far worse because of the added features of children being sexually abused for evidence and in all probability supplied drugs via the heath drinks mother’s boyfriend used to make them so as to create a psychosis within the family.

    What I find problematic about this case is that if the mother was just out to get rid of the children’s daddy out of their lives for ever she needn’t have implicated so many innocent people as in all probability Cafcass and Social Services would have fallen for the lies of the mother and her boyfriend, so it’s that, that does not make much sense to me unless she to has become psychotic as well from the health drinks.

    But the biggest stupidest mistake of all is with the Authorities because the CRIMINAL EVIDENCE was so overwhelming against the mother and her boyfriend, why then were they not arrested by the police and criminally charged with no bail for sexual child abuse and with a long list of other criminal offences?

    The whole system is insane untrained and unprofessional and corrupt;

    Fathers are imprisoned just for waving to their children; grandmothers are imprisoned just because their granddaughter hugging them but when a mother and her boyfriend are found by police to be doing what they did, no criminal arrest to sort the matter out, no open court criminal proceedings brought about, its just given to the family court which allowed mother and her boyfriend to do a runner to spread more lies and more lies about this thereby creating more paranoia within the public.

    It’s all absolutely Insane…………….

    So where are all the four year olds disappearing to at one a day from care homes, but who really cares as they are only the working classes

  19. Paul Summerfield

    How can the nation hide its organic truth is a cellar dark and grim they must be very dim (Bowie “All the madmen”

    Thank you for allowing the videos to be shown on your blog. Because one is of an adult taking about his childhood sexual abuse experiences and the other is of a child that has been sexually abused and mentally perverted by mother and her boyfriend.

    All information and understanding about alienation must be passed onto to Cafcass and Social Service in a training manual.

    So as to stop the nature of the Beast getting out of hand.

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