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Request for support

Quick trigger warning – if you’ve been through painful experiences yourself recently, then this post may be too raw and painful, and as it is not my intention to make life harder for anyone who is working through such trauma, the warning is here to suggest that you close this one down, and come back to the next post, which will probably be about 80s pop, or Mary Mungo and Midge or whatever.

Some of you may have read @SurviveCourts blog, Surviving Safeguarding, where she talks about her experiences of being on the hard end of the social work experience, rather putting all our gripes of trolleys with knackered wheels, or endless frustration with laptops and workloads into perspective. Some of you may have had the pleasure of seeing her speak, which is truly an inspirational experience.

I find myself lucky enough to have got to know her a little, and I’m proud and honoured to think of her as a friend. Though she be but little, she is fierce.

So it was a huge shock to learn that she’d gone through a recent tragedy, and like most of those who have come to know her and hold her in high regard, I wanted to do something, even a tiny something, to help.

Louise Tickle (or as we should now all call her “The Mail on Sunday’s Louise Tickle” as apparently they now own her, in some sort of Jonathan Pryce East India Company style arrangement) got the ball rolling on this, and she says everything that I wanted to say, but better. Because she’s a proper grown up writer, and not a hack like me.

If you can visit the link and help out at all, even in a small way, it would mean a lot to us all.

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  1. Diane Christine Jackson

    I made a contribution as soon as I read Louise’s tweet, I hope the way so many people have now responded will provide some comfort to ‘Annie’, there’s some impressive contributors, including at least one surprising to me – but it shows how much Annie’s story and honesty get through to people.

  2. terrible news. Shared and donated. Just awful. Pls keep us informed I hadn’t heard about this anywhere else (obvs)

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  4. I will contribute if you tell me how to do this ie which bank to send the money to;with account details

  5. I cannot find any other way of contacting you. My daughter has had her children removed by social services originally obtained by her husband on statements that were totally incorrect. Even the court said that the SS report was full of inconsistencies and incorrect information. She is a disabled parent and her human rights were breached. Despite putting this to the court she has been ignored and Legal Aid has been refused. She is desperately trying t5o find someone who will take her case and get her children back.

    • If no legal aid, I presume private law. Have final orders been made? If so, the only route is appeal. If not, this inaccurate evidence can be challenged by cross examination at a final hearing

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