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Thanks a million


The blog passed its one millionth visitor yesterday. Which for me is pretty mind boggling, considering that when I started it, I didn’t know if anyone would ever see it.  So huge thanks to all the people who have read it, told others, commented or tweeted. All of you have made this happen. Big love for all of you






(Not Sue)






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  1. It’s fab – have already passed on the hair strand post and recommend to student social workers and newly qualified social workers all the time
    Thanks for taking the time to make all this legal info interesting and entertaining


    Anne Cooper
    Practice Learning Organiser
    Practice learning Team
    Quayside House
    GL1 1JU
    01452 427627

  2. This blog was one of the reasons I decided Care law was so interesting in the first place and decided I wished to qualify into it. So you have my thanks for that in turn.

    • PS I left a comment on your Follicle post which did not show up – did it disappear into the Ether or is it there somewhere?)

      • Can’t see it. Normally if it gets wrongly put in spam filter I can find it, but not this time. Try again?

      • Effectively, I was saying I missed your imaginary judgements. I would like to challenge you to write another one. Assuming you’re even remotely interested, please drop me an email as I had an idea!

  3. I hope they all got proper refreshments?

    Oh and well done

  4. Sharing your insights so generously speaks for itself in cyberspace.
    Well-deserved Congratulations, Andrew! (Y)

  5. ashamedtobebritish

    No thank YOU! An excellent source of information, well balanced and idiot proof – well done Sue (😂)

  6. thank-you – i point colleaugue social workers towards your posts all the time. And me – well i like work and unrelated posts…and the at times joyous experience of the unfolding narrative.


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    well done!

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  9. Congratulations.
    I really do enjoy reading your blog on what is such a complex topic.
    Thank you for making the time to write it.

  10. You are very welcome. Thank you for putting in the time to write and share all this useful information.

  11. Russell, Debbie - Cafcass

    Congratulations Andrew!!
    See you soon
    Debbie 😊

    Sent from my Windows Phone

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