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Little end of year quiz (it doesn’t have a legal, or a Xmas theme)

Here are some photographs of famous people, in two batches. I want you to work out the connection between the answers in each batch (i.e what connects all the answers in group one, and what connects all the answers in group two). Hint time – you may be looking for the name of the actress OR the character they are well-known for portraying. Hint two – it may help, when you have your answers, to play around with different orders, because the order might be significant.

Please don’t guess in comments or on Twitter, as it will spoil it for others who are still working it out. You can slide into the DMs if you want. @suesspiciousmin

Batch 1


Are we out of Curly Wurlies again Norris?


Rollin’… rollin’… rollin’
(no, it isn’t Fred Durst out of Limp Bizkit)


Apparently relationships based on really traumatic events never work out


She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way


Hope you don’t bear a Grudge for my inclusion of this one. Became world famous because of dry cleaning



This one might be tricky. She trod the same path as Schofield, Peters and Crane (and was the first woman I ever used the word ‘fit’ to describe, back in the day)


Frightfully posh English tennis player (also flew about in helicopters for channel 4). And also on my Crush list with the last one…


Famous Dragon. And NOT on my Crush list. Though, that photo….


Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got. (and yes, girl rewrote the damn Crush list)


And this one time at Band Camp…


Used to make cake-based double entendres, now tells you how to win a Volvo on Sky Atlantic.

That’s your lot. Good luck.


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