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Application to not disclose a CAFCASS report


This is a bit of a weird set of circumstances, although the nature of the facts behind it are not that uncommon.

Basically, in private law proceedings, a CAFCASS officer was about to share their report.  A final hearing was listed for 3 weeks time, so everyone understandably wants to know what the CAFCASS report is going to say.

However, before the CAFCASS officer finished the report, they became aware via the police that there was a child protection investigation taking place about the father, the investigation being done by both English police  in Dorset and New Zealand police – that’s obviously quite a logistical challenge, because of both the time zones and the accents.  The police weren’t ready to as the Judge described ‘go over the parapet and confront the father and interview him’ and didn’t want him tipped off as to the nature of the allegations before doing so.

Obviously the CAFCASS officer can’t simply ignore that they’re now aware of an allegation that father has committed sexual offences against a child and that there’s a police investigation, but doesn’t want to jeopardise that investigation by tipping father off.


So, an application was made to Court for the report not to be shared, yet.


I don’t actually know what CAFCASS are supposed to say when they are chased up by the parents solicitors, since I don’t think they can actually say ‘there’s a court order that says we don’t have to share it yet’ because the obvious next question will be ‘why?’


(I did immediately wonder why the parents wouldn’t twig that ‘hey, I live in Dorset and father lives in New Zealand, and we’ve got a private law hearing at the end of May, is this about us?’, but the judgment was published AFTER the CAFCASS report was ordered to be disclosed)

This particular set of circs is unusual, but the whole ‘police know something but they don’t want it shared yet’ is not that unusual.


So, here’s a High Court authority if you want it.


G v G and Another 2018


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  1. ashamedtobebritish

    I’m not sure what else there is to do?
    The guardian could always state he/she is not at liberty to discuss why … after all, they’re not really, in the grand scheme of things

  2. Whatever the rights and wrongs this troubles me:

    “when she returned she disclosed to her grandmother”

    No she didn’t. She alleged, complained, said, but she didn’t disclose. That much over-used word implies truth, which may or may not be the case.

  3. Denise Hoilette

    Hi I am sorry can you give me the title of your book pls? Regards Denise

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Lyn Saddington

    “Oh dear what can the matter be? Cafcass report with blanks on the latter bit” what can be happening there?

  5. They promised the parties they’d soon have the text to read –
    Trouble is there will also be some sex to read . . .

    Would anybody with a modest gift for rhyme, too much spare time and a complete lack of taste care to continue?

  6. Imitating the inimitable title style of suesspicious minds. Hmm
    I could quote a particularly edgy line from the judgment but thre isnt one really. I could make a pun regarding the location of the case. Or I could pick a song title or lyric which is apposite. Ideally of course I would do both
    I make my submission
    “How Dorset feel to hold a secret inside?”
    Sorry Andrew. I feel I just defiled your lovely blog.

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