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Girl I wanna make you SWET, SWET till you can’t SWET no more


Seriously? Seriously?

The Social Work Evidence Template gets amended, in a press release on a Friday, and tells practitioners that it is to be used from Monday. Yes, this coming Monday.

The new templates should be used in new cases from Monday, 29 February onwards.


Good luck with that.  Haven’t even had time to read it yet to see what I like or don’t like about it.

Again, the press release claims that the President has endorsed it  (Frankly, I like to see the President himself saying that, because I find it rather tricky to imagine that he ever read a statement in the SWET format and said “Hey, this is great!”   – in my mental picture here, he uses the same voice as Casey Kasem from America’s Top Twenty / Shaggy from Scooby Doo)


[And also there is some form for claiming that the President has endorsed some guidance, only later to watch aghast as he distances himself from it in a judgment]