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I believe that people who have pledged to my book have probably received an email from Unbound that contains a code voucher allowing them a free £10 to another book.

There’s lots of good stuff on Unbound, and that’s basically a FREE book, as well as making another author’s day.

So please visit and use your voucher, which is valid till the end of July.

May I suggest please

All the Perverse Angels by Sarah Marr

Which sounds deliciously gothic and has got lovely rich language that made me feel like I was taking a warm bath whilst opening thick perfumed envelopes with a letter opener. And her video is really gorgeous.




Slow Motion by Jennifer Pierce  a story of friendships and secrets that intrigued me


Or  A Murder to Die For by Stevyn Colgan who is like a machine at this crowd-funded book thing, and whose books and talks about intelligent policing are inspiring and make you think about the world in different and better ways.


If you have pledged to me,  It is FREE to help one of these authors out, just look in your emails for ones sent by Unbound and the voucher code will be in there.  And if you haven’t, then a pledge to me gets you one of these books too if you use the voucher once it arrives. Billy bargain.

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  1. Damn! slipped my mind…but you still gotta patron in me. (I was going to be a Super Patron but all slots are gone on the early bird special)

    (Seriously, what’s in the shed?)

    • The shed can be anything, but my shed is going to be giving you all the secret scoop on how the publishing process goes once it gets funded (all the stuff about choosing covers and getting the final version together and whatnot). I am writing little journal pieces each week, but I felt it would be a bit mean to keep them all secret.

      Oh, and also a dialogue – so people can ask me questions about the book and the process of writing it or whatnot, and I’ll answer them.

      And thank you!

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