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Happy birthday to me



The blog is five years old today.  My goodness



During those five years, you’ve been exposed to more 80s pop culture references than Stuart Maconie’s diary, we’ve had adoption explained via passive aggressive notes on a student fridge, learned about how difficult it is to get contact with your child if you are Edward Scissorhands, watched me lose and win an award (winning feels better, no matter what all my hippy teachers tried to tell me), compared our child protection system to nuclear warheads, considered a man who sold bleach as a cancer cure  (also the case where the parents sought advice from a man whose website claims he “Turned Hawaii into a verb”),  watched and winced as policemen, social workers, guardians, lawyers and even Judges got told off for doing things it is hard to believe, attempted to replace the phase “inherent jurisdiction” with “magical sparkle powers” to better reflect its use, had His Honour Judge Wildblood QC favourably compared to Rowdy Roddy Piper, inspected the threshold criteria in Harry Potter and a written agreement from Romeo and Juliet, conducted a retrospective on Tolkein’s short-lived career as a court reporter,  translated Pride and Prejudice into teenager speak, toldyou all how NOT to write a letter of instruction,  examined a Nigerian fertility clinic that managed to deliver babies to people who weren’t actually pregnant,  pondered abut what would happen if we used Truth Serum in Court, found out why it’s best to have your case on just after lunch rather than just before AND deep breath


written a bloody book!


If you haven’t already ordered the book, please do. I really want as many people as possible to read it.


I’ve written 906 blog posts, and the above is a tiny sample of them (I forgot Kate Bush’s non-molestation order, just for one)

I doubt very much that there’s anyone who agrees with every word I’ve said over the last five years (I don’t think that I actually agree with all of it), but I hope that over those five years I’ve made some of you smile, some of you take heart, some of you reflect, some of you frantically copy and paste into a case summary and some of you feel slightly less miserable on a Monday morning.

I should say that I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, but I know that you haven’t, because I’ve had an absolute blast.


Not retiring, just reflecting.  If you missed any of the highlights (my description, not necessarily that of others) then there’s a link to them below



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  1. Happy Birthday!! You are a legend. Looking forward to the next five years.

  2. Penblwydd hapus as they say in my part of Tottenham. Keep on blogging. Gwen

  3. Happy Birthday, i hope it continues upto the same or better standard or expect a supervision order due potential risk of future emotional harm!

  4. They have been great blogs and I recommend them to my students all the time.

  5. ashamedtobebritish

    Congrats 🎂
    Here’s to the next 5 years (hopefully more!) I don’t think you realise what a valuable source you are, especially to LIP’s and MKF’s, many of us, definitely me, have been floundering in the dark at times, you seem to pop up with the right case law at the right moment – thankyou

  6. My last few years have been spent as a wandering locum, Yorkshire, North West, North Wales.
    Suesspicious minds had been universally respected, admired and have lightened our day – both with some laughter and with boldly reading the dense bits of judgements so we don’t have to.
    Here’s to the next 5 years.

  7. Five years young, already, time sure does fly when we are having fun, your blogs have always been worth their weight, some sad, some happy, but most of all informative in hearing the true realities of what folks often endure within the Family Courts and else where.

    Long may your reign continue as the bestest darn blog of this type on the tinter-net

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